Tracking Form Completion in Google Analytics With Redux

Written by Thomas Marek

In this tutorial we're going to collect analytics on a Redux-powered user form. You will learn: How to measure user drop off in forms using Google Analytics. How to create a destination funnel report in Google Analytics. How to map Redux actions to Google Analytics events and page views. This tutorial assumes prior exposure to Git, JavaScript (ES2015), and Redux. The App We'll be collecting...

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A Look Back on Rangle’s Success at ng-conf

Written by Kyle Gordon

Rangle’s presence was front and centre at this year’s ng-conf 2017, the world’s original Angular conference. Six Ranglers took to the stage to share their knowledge and expertise in front of 1,000+ developers. Here’s what our experts had to say: FormControl Freaks: Redux Edition Daniel Figueiredo Caetano and Renee Vrantsidis Enterprises are adopting Angular, and they love (LOVE) forms. While...

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Impact of Cycle Time on Enterprise Customer Facing Applications and What to Do About It

Written by Ken Ono

With support from Dave van Reese. Enterprises inspired by Agile and Lean startups often embark on innovation projects only to be disappointed. Although they faithfully implement many Lean practices, entrenched processes elongate cycle times and can dampen the benefits. This article examines the negative impact of delivering large releases infrequently, techniques for shortening cycle times and the benefits associated with success. Common Enterprise Malfunction The...

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How To Plan An Agile Project That Doesn’t Fail

Written by Alex Karasyov

With support from Sean Stone. 1. Identify Your Stakeholders These are the people that will help you deliver your product. These will be your executives, sponsors, key customers, partners and any other interested parties that can influence the outcome of the project. Identify the Product Owner This is a key to running a successful Scrum project. The Product Owner is the person that ultimately makes...

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Software Architecture Using Angular

Written by Greg Wilson

Angular 2 has grown steadily more popular since its release, and a growing number of books are now available to teach programmers how to use it. But building an application involves a lot more than just writing code: in order to be performant and maintainable, the application must have some over-arching architectural plan that ties its pieces together and gives direction to future growth. To...

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