How Rangle’s Coaching Program Benefits both Coach and Coachee

Written by Caroline Cocchio

Every January, many folks resolve to ensure the New Year is their best one yet. Yet, too often people fail at reaching goals that they set for themselves. Whether it’s losing that holiday weight, learning a new skill, or striving for that promotion, if you find yourself as someone who has trouble sticking to goals and resolutions, whether it’s a New Year's resolution...

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How to Migrate to a JavaScript Framework Successfully

Written by Megan Wheeler

Most top-performing modern companies rely on web-based software to operate efficiently while providing value to their customers. These applications often contain custom and intricate business logic that gives businesses an edge over their competition. Building such an application from the ground-up on a highly performant tech stack is an easy choice to make. But what about those companies that have an existing application built on...

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The 6 Gates of Quality BQAs Implement to Ensure Successful Projects

Written by

The BQA acronym comes from Business Analyst/Quality Assurance and since neither role is properly defined in Scrum, we combined the roles to fill the void. This bridge between technical expertise and customer satisfaction is something we’re passionate about and have written about in the past. Today, we’ll go over the 6 gates of quality our BQAs implement to ensure quality in the...

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Designing APIs that Enable Scalable Frontends

Written by Ben Hofferber

Successful web development requires delivering strong communication between backend servers and frontend applications. The end client of an API needs to easily understand how to utilize the system to develop features and improve the application. REST (REpresentational State Transfer) has historically been used as the paradigm for this communication. REST helps to describe communication between the frontend system and backend server. It provides the backend...

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