Facilitating Design: Getting to the 'Why' on Your Projects

Written by Naomi Bower

We don’t often think of facilitation as a core skill for product designers, but there are many reasons why we should. One is that a lot of the design discovery that we do is like detective work. To design great products, you need to tease out and gather information from a wide variety of people, starting with the stakeholders on your project. “To extract the most information you can from your client, you must ask questions. Lots of questions....

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Flattening Deep Hierarchies of Components

Written by Varun Vachhar

Components are an awesome tool for building interfaces. They allow you to break down the UI into distinct reusable elements. These can then be composed to build complex applications in a more sustainable way. Each component has its own well defined public API. In React this is defined by the component props. Whereas in Angular 2, it's inputs and outputs. The choice of this API can have a drastic impact on your application. Consider the following example of a Card...

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How to Build Amazing MVP Products Without Frightening Your Boss

Written by Shawn Griffiths

If you’re building web or mobile apps for an enterprise, it’s beneficial to release the minimum viable product (MVP) into the hands of your customers as quickly as possible. However, that’s easier said than done, with so many dependencies and stakeholders involved, and so many dollars at risk. As a business or technology leader, product owner, or software architect, you might fear the consequences of working with an MVP approach your company is unfamiliar with, or you...

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Project Discovery in a Lean Agile World: Introducing the Clarity Canvas

Written by Design Team

This is the first of an in-depth, two-part series on Rangle's project design discovery process. Some Historical Context and Constraints Beginning a new project and bringing clients’ ideas to life is exciting for us at Rangle. We practice Scrum to do product development for a wide variety of clients. As a result, we understand the importance of quickly getting up to speed, to start projects well-informed and focused on the right priorities. Rangle values a measured sense of urgency and...

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Dynamically Creating Components With Angular 2.0

Written by Christopher Gosselin

The Evolution Creating components has been a topic of interest at Rangle because with each RC version of Angular 2, it seemed like the way to do so had changed. Near the beginning there was the DynamicComponentLoader. After that was deprecated, there was ComponentResolver. And now that the dust has settled, there is the ComponentFactoryResolver! The (Main) Reason Why would I ever want to dynamically create a component? Modals Imagine throughout your app you have buttons that trigger different modals...

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