Angular 2, NgModel and Custom Form Components

Written by Christopher Bond

I’ve heard a lot of people express frustration with building forms in Angular 2. I think in large part this derives from bad experiences with FormBuilder, FormGroup and FormControl. This blog post explores a new way of building complex forms in Angular 2, using ngModel, the ControlValueAccessor contract, and some clever validation code. Suppositions You are building complex forms that have custom validators, styling, and behaviours that make using plain <input> tags all over the place unsuitable...

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First Time Using Scrum to Build Software? Do it “By the Book”

Written by Shawn Griffiths

Scrum, one of the most effective contemporary software development processes, is designed to be flexible but new practitioners often try to adapt and change things too quickly. The urge to customize Scrum based on old habits or outdated thinking typically leads to unsuccessful software releases - or worse, nothing at all. Yuri Takhteyev, CTO at Rangle, recently discussed how a “by the book” approach is necessary to first learn Scrum before changes can be made. Here’s a brief overview...

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Touch and Mouse Together

Written by Varun Vachhar

If you have built a web app in the past few years, you've probably had to deal with touch events. In many cases this was limited to handling tap and removing that pesky 300ms delay. However with touch devices becoming more powerful, we now have to implement more complex gestures— gestures that work for both mouse and touch. In this post we will walk through the process of implementing one such gesture– pan. I will demonstrate this by building a...

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Get Better at Functional JavaScript Without Learning More JavaScript

Written by Nicholas Kennedy

Functional Programming (FP) is awesome. Some of its key ideas inspired a lot of the JS practices and tools we use here at Rangle, especially React and Redux. Even though JS is not strictly a functional language, you can get a lot of the same value you get from FP due to JavaScript's flexible nature and some amazing tools people have created. If you really want to master functional JS, one route is to learn a completely functional language and...

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Integrating Your Brand’s Omnichannel Strategy With Your Digital Supply Chain

Written by Amanda Connon-Unda

As a forward-looking brand strategist, whether you’re in automotive, beauty, fast-fashion, or any other number of categories, you need to live up to your customer’s expectations. Their expectations are in the physical realm, online in digital, and during all touchpoints of their experience with your product or service. In order to do this effectively, brands today need to fully integrate their omnichannel strategies with their end-to-end digital supply chain. Below are some critical considerations and key recommendations on...

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