Redux Form Validation with ngrx-forms

Written by David Barreto

This blog was originally posted on the ng-conf website. Many enterprise applications use complex forms with even more complex validation rules. Out of the box, Angular offers a solution to handle forms including its validation. But even though the solution is feature rich, it can't cover every possible use case. What if we want to count how many fields are invalid in any given section...

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The Biggest Takeaways After Finishing Bridge’s Product Design Program

Written by Lindsie Canton

This article first appeared on the Bridge blog. Written by Lindsie Canton, Director of Product Design at Bridge. Bridge for Product Designers Cohort 1 applications are now open! What exactly will you get from participating in the program? I spoke with alum from Cohort 0 to hear about their experience, what it’s like to challenge yourself in a safe environment, and gaining confidence through...

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Evan You’s Visit to Toronto

Written by Yuri Takhteyev

Last January we had the first meeting of our brand new VueJS Toronto Meetup. It was well attended – we had about 150 people. It was clear that the Toronto developer community was excited about Vue. We were so happy with the turnout, we started thinking what else we could do. So, we invited Vue’s creator Evan You to come to Toronto! In a busy...

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Finding Your Gateway to Learning Vue

Written by Ben Hofferber

Learning is a unique experience. It requires relating our previous background to new concepts and patterns. Those experiences are remembered specifically and each person recalls a concept a little differently. I remember a picture of a ball falling with labelled symbols, others might remember the equation, and some may remember the sounds of the physics hall. Recollection can be a little different and thus, learning...

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Exploring Zero Configuration With Vue

Written by Andrew Thauer

Vue.js is a versatile and approachable framework for building modern JavaScript applications. You can start out by simply adding a script tag with some vanilla JS. Or you can go all-in and create a modern JavaScript application with all the trimmings using a build system such as Webpack. However, the latter requires a fair bit of configuration knowledge so it doesn't quite fit the...

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