What does it mean to be a Product Owner?

Written by Alex Karasyov

At Rangle, we partner with our clients to deliver high-quality software. As part of this partnership, we often ask our clients to assign a Product Owner (PO) to help drive our team towards delivering software with the biggest Return On Investment (ROI). So, what does it mean to be a PO? Be the Product Expert You know the product. You know the customers. You know...

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Angular 4: Front End for the Enterprise

Written by Nikolas LeBlanc

When Angular 2 was released in September of 2016, it signalled a dramatic shift in enterprise front-end development. Not only was it a complete rewrite of AngularJS, but it was also built from the ground up with Typescript - Microsoft's strongly typed superset of JavaScript. Suddenly, enterprise developers experienced with type-safe languages such as Java, C# and Scala, were welcomed into the world of modern...

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When to Integrate Analytics into Development Projects

Written by Ken Ono

A common scenario is to tack implementing digital analytics onto the end of a project at the last minute. While this is much better than flying blind, better outcomes can be obtained by spending that time earlier in the project. Delivering web and mobile products that integrate with tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Amplitude greatly enhances web and mobile product’s value...

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From REST to GraphQL

Written by David Barreto

I've been hearing about GraphQL lately, a library to create an API endpoint for your data. GraphQL has been positioned as a replacement for our traditional REST backends as it tries to solve the same problem. Which is, to make data available for our web or mobile apps, but with a different approach that is supposed to be more flexible. To be honest, I was...

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Building Customer Trust Through Security

Written by David van Rees

How Building the Right Way Ensures Customer Trust Remains High In 2017, reading news reports about online security breaches has become commonplace. In the United States alone, there was a 40% increase in security breaches in 2016 vs 2015 and since 2013 hackers have stolen over 7 billion customer records. Understanding the impacts of security and how it impacts both organizations and customers when building...

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