Ever Wanted to Use Git Without the Command Line?

Written by Roman Khrystynych

This article focuses on WebStorm which is an IDE created by the wonderful folks at JetBrains. The IDE provides great functional tools for web development such as Git integration which will be discussed in this article. This article assumes the reader is familiar with Git concepts including forking and rebasing. If these terms are unfamiliar try reading Git Basics. Rangle Git Flow At Rangle, we...

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To Type or Not to Type

Written by Greg Wilson

Programmers have strong opinions on many things, one of which is the use of strong typing in programming languages. On the one hand are people who claim that strong typing makes developers' intentions clearer and catches errors before code is even run. On the other hand are those who say that strong typing makes code harder to modify, and that focusing on getting types correct...

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Happy People Make for High Performing Teams

Written by David van Rees

Building high-performing teams is hard. It’s even harder with a professional services company, as creating new teams working on new projects is something we do on a regular basis. This means we are often in the position of learning about the client, their product and business on top of learning about ourselves and how we will work together. How do we form project teams...

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How to Track Analytics with Redux and Google Tag Manager

Written by Johanna Lee

Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes it quick and easy for digital marketers to manage what events are sent to analytics servers such as Google Analytics (GA). However, integrating GTM and developing a maintainable tagging strategy is challenging for those who are new to it. Here I am introducing an open source project called ReduxBeacon that resolves the challenge with GTM integration for apps using Redux...

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Create Enhanced Customer Experiences With React

Written by Kyle Gordon

DX3, Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing and retail event took place on March 8 and 9. Rangle was there to help marketers, brands and retailers understand how technology is affecting the customer journey, and how they can use technology and measurement to their business advantage. Through stage sponsorship, a booth explaining our lean eCommerce messaging and a speaking session by Doug Riches, Group Technology...

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