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Impact of Cycle Time on Customer Facing Enterprise Mobile and Web Applications

Written by Ken Ono

With support from Dave van Reese. Enterprises inspired by Agile and Lean startups often embark on mobile and web projects only to be disappointed. Although they faithfully implement many Lean practices, entrenched processes elongate cycle times and can dampen the benefits. This article examines the negative impact of delivering large releases infrequently, techniques for shortening cycle times and the benefits associated with success. Common Enterprise...

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How To Plan An Agile Project That Doesn’t Fail

Written by Alex Karasyov

With support from Sean Stone. 1. Identify Your Stakeholders These are the people that will help you deliver your product. These will be your executives, sponsors, key customers, partners and any other interested parties that can influence the outcome of the project. Identify the Product Owner This is a key to running a successful Scrum project. The Product Owner is the person that ultimately makes...

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Happy People Make for High Performing Teams

Written by David van Rees

Building high-performing teams is hard. It’s even harder with a professional services company, as creating new teams working on new projects is something we do on a regular basis. This means we are often in the position of learning about the client, their product and business on top of learning about ourselves and how we will work together. How do we form project teams...

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Why Banks and Telecoms Need to Embrace Innovative Identity Technologies

Written by Amanda Connon-Unda

Emergent trends in biometric data, persistent identity, blockchain technology, and security, have banks and telecom companies on their toes when it comes to effectively using identity validation while being mindful of customers’ needs. In a panel discussion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, leaders and advocates for new identity technologies discussed the implications for the financial services and telecom industries. The Future of...

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First Time Using Scrum to Build Software? Do it “By the Book”

Written by Shawn Griffiths

Scrum, one of the most effective contemporary software development processes, is designed to be flexible but new practitioners often try to adapt and change things too quickly. The urge to customize Scrum based on old habits or outdated thinking typically leads to unsuccessful software releases - or worse, nothing at all. Yuri Takhteyev, CTO at Rangle, recently discussed how a “by the book” approach is...

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