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Flattening Deep Hierarchies of Components

Written by Varun Vachhar

Components are an awesome tool for building interfaces. They allow you to break down the UI into distinct reusable elements. These can then be composed to build complex applications in a more sustainable way. Each component has its own well defined public API. In React this is defined by the component props. Whereas in Angular 2, it's inputs and outputs. The choice of this API...

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Dynamically Creating Components With Angular 2.0

Written by Christopher Gosselin

The Evolution Creating components has been a topic of interest at Rangle because with each RC version of Angular 2, it seemed like the way to do so had changed. Near the beginning there was the DynamicComponentLoader. After that was deprecated, there was ComponentResolver. And now that the dust has settled, there is the ComponentFactoryResolver! The (Main) Reason Why would I ever want to dynamically...

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Angular 2.0: The Future of Enterprise Application Development

Written by Douglas Riches

The production release of the newest JavaScript framework happened today. Angular 2 is out of Beta! The official launch is fantastic news for anyone who needs to build complex business applications. Today, modern companies rely on web-based software to operate efficiently and provide value to their customers. These applications often contain custom and intricate business logic that gives businesses an edge over their competition. The...

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Are Your Unit Tests Failing for the Expected Reasons?

Written by Evan Schultz

Unit tests can be an invaluable tool in the developers toolbox. You don't need to be a strict TDD purist to make unit testing worthwhile. Once you get into the flow of writing tests, it can be rather satisfying to watch the Nyan Cat Reporter go across your screen as the number of tests passing increase. As with any other tool though, it can be...

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Optimize your Angular 2 Application with Tree Shaking

Written by David Barreto

Disclaimer: As commenter Ben Elliot pointed out, the UglifyJs plugin used in the Webpack build is not able to remove unused Typescript classes because those, when transpiled, are implemented using IIFE. The bundle size mentioned in this post is not really reflecting tree shaking but minification. To be able to properly apply tree shaking we need to use a different module loader like Rollup. The...

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