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A Look Back on Rangle’s Success at ng-conf

Written by Kyle Gordon

Rangle’s presence was front and centre at this year’s ng-conf 2017, the world’s original Angular conference. Six Ranglers took to the stage to share their knowledge and expertise in front of 1,000+ developers. Here’s what our experts had to say: FormControl Freaks: Redux Edition Daniel Figueiredo Caetano and Renee Vrantsidis Enterprises are adopting Angular, and they love (LOVE) forms. While...

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Software Architecture Using Angular

Written by Greg Wilson

Angular 2 has grown steadily more popular since its release, and a growing number of books are now available to teach programmers how to use it. But building an application involves a lot more than just writing code: in order to be performant and maintainable, the application must have some over-arching architectural plan that ties its pieces together and gives direction to future growth. To...

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