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React Fiber: Reconciling the Rumours with the Facts

Written by Michael Faust

If modern JavaScript frameworks are your thing, you've probably heard people talking, recently, about React Fiber. It's possible that you are super-excited about the "next version" of React and can't wait to harness it to transform your apps into lightning-fast testaments to the power of the modern web. Then again, considering the frustratingly-fast pace at which JavaScript frameworks spawn, evolve, and die, it is also...

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Image Caching in React Native

Written by Dylan Vann

Image loading is an important job of many Native applications for iOS and Android. We want to load images as quickly as possible, and to load them only once. Image When writing apps with React Native you have access to the built-in Image component. Image usage: <Image source={{ uri: 'https://facebook.github.io/react/img/logo_og.png' }} /> React Native's Image component handles...

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A Look Back at FITC Toronto 2017

Written by Kyle Gordon

FITC Toronto 2017 was a huge success! Rangle’s Varun Vachhar and Mike Costanzo spoke to packed audiences over the three-day event. Here’s your inside look at what these two had to say: Mathematics of Animation Varun Vachhar In the past few years, animations on the web have evolved dramatically. We are able to build animations that generate and manipulate complex geometry, react to...

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Three Books on Angular

Written by Greg Wilson

Programmers routinely use Stack Overflow as a brain extender these days, but there is still a place for long-form tutorials and well-organized reference guides. These can do more than inform: they can shape how a technology develops by guiding readers in particular directions, and simply by existing, they tell developers what their peers find interesting. By this last measure, Angular is doing pretty well these...

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Tracking Form Completion in Google Analytics With Redux

Written by Thomas Marek

In this tutorial we're going to collect analytics on a Redux-powered user form. You will learn: How to measure user drop off in forms using Google Analytics. How to create a destination funnel report in Google Analytics. How to map Redux actions to Google Analytics events and page views. This tutorial assumes prior exposure to Git, JavaScript (ES2015), and Redux. The App We'll be collecting...

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