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Migrating an Angular 1 Web Application to React

Written by Miguel Vesco

As Angular 1 web applications continue to grow, scaling the UI and adding increasingly complex features tends to get challenging quickly. Depending on the use case and amount of information required to be processed, this can lead to performance degradation, troubles with interactivity, rendering slowdowns and race conditions if those complexities aren’t handled properly (and sometimes even if they are). Why Develop in React?...

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Touch and Mouse Together

Written by Varun Vachhar

If you have built a web app in the past few years, you've probably had to deal with touch events. In many cases this was limited to handling tap and removing that pesky 300ms delay. However with touch devices becoming more powerful, we now have to implement more complex gestures— gestures that work for both mouse and touch. In this post we will walk through...

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Integrating Your Brand’s Omnichannel Strategy With Your Digital Supply Chain

Written by Amanda Connon-Unda

As a forward-looking brand strategist, whether you’re in automotive, beauty, fast-fashion, or any other number of categories, you need to live up to your customer’s expectations. Their expectations are in the physical realm, online in digital, and during all touchpoints of their experience with your product or service. In order to do this effectively, brands today need to fully integrate their omnichannel strategies...

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Architecting Real-Time Apps with The Streaming Web

Written by Douglas Riches

Gone are the days of banks of request/response servers supporting real-time mobile and web applications. It’s a bold statement, but today's users demand instant access to data and applications that operate with extreme accuracy. This customer need often entails development teams finding ways to stream gigabytes of information and events worldwide to devices that fit in the palms of users’ hands. The Serverless...

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React Native as an extension of hybrid app development

Written by Bertrand Karerangabo

While much has been made of React Native's native mobile app capabilities0, there has been relatively little attention paid to its web nature. It is the latter quality, however, that makes React Native such a great web and mobile development platform. React Native brings modern web techniques to mobile app development 1. This means that teams get to leverage common tooling and workflows, the best...

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