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Refactoring Node with Higher-Order Functions

Written by Sean May

Prior to the holidays, my colleague Nick wrote an awesome post on getting better at functional programming by stepping out of your comfort zone, and burning the boats upon the shores of strange new languages. If you did find yourself conquering the lands of Erlang, Elm, Haskell, or the isles of Akka/Scala, my hat’s off to you. This time, I’d like like...

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6 Gulp Best Practices You Can Use Today to Radically Improve Your Development Experience

Written by Cosmin

Over the past 2 years, Gulp has established itself as an important piece of most modern front end projects. As early adopters of this life changing technology at Rangle, we've encountered our share of pitfalls which guided us to valuable lessons about sublteties that can make a world of difference. Today, we'd like to share some of the learned insights with you. 1. Automate all...

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How to Fearlessly Iterate Your REST APIs through HTTP Endpoint Testing

Written by Seth Davenport

One of the largest process problems in building single page applications with AngularJS, React or Backbone is safely maintaining the contract between the AngularJS application and the REST API. Another issue is defining future integration contracts so the front-end team can build against mock servers and not be held up coordinating every new feature against back-end APIs. Supertest provides a key weapon for solving these...

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