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Touch and Mouse Together

Written by Varun Vachhar

If you have built a web app in the past few years, you've probably had to deal with touch events. In many cases this was limited to handling tap and removing that pesky 300ms delay. However with touch devices becoming more powerful, we now have to implement more complex gestures— gestures that work for both mouse and touch. In this post we will walk through...

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Improving React and Redux performance with Reselect

Written by Neil Fenton

When used together, React and Redux are an awesome combination of technologies that help us structure applications with a true separation of concerns. Even with React being extremely performant out of the box, there comes a time when even higher performance is required. One of the more expensive operations that React can perform is the rendering cycle. When a component detects a change in input,...

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ReactEurope, 2016: The Year of React Native

Written by Douglas Riches

Paris 2016. This year ReactEurope wasn't dampened by the torrential rains that were flooding the Seine river. The mood was one of excitement from both attendees and speakers about the current state and future of the React development ecosystem. This year participants got glimpses into the future of Redux, utilizing Redux middleware to manage analytics, and optimizing performance in React applications. We heard talks on...

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Real-World JavaScript: Rangle.io's Standard Tech Stack

Written by Seth Davenport

JavaScript is evolving rapidly, with new approaches to application development appearing almost on a monthly basis. As a training firm, one of the services we provide is staying on top of these changes and advising our clients on contemporary thinking. On the other hand, as a consultancy, we also need to start up new projects frequently and quickly, balancing up-to-date technology with production-level expertise. This...

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