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Tracking Form Completion in Google Analytics With Redux

Written by Thomas Marek

In this tutorial we're going to collect analytics on a Redux-powered user form. You will learn: How to measure user drop off in forms using Google Analytics. How to create a destination funnel report in Google Analytics. How to map Redux actions to Google Analytics events and page views. This tutorial assumes prior exposure to Git, JavaScript (ES2015), and Redux. The App We'll be collecting...

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How to Track Analytics with Redux and Google Tag Manager

Written by Johanna Lee

Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes it quick and easy for digital marketers to manage what events are sent to analytics servers such as Google Analytics (GA). However, integrating GTM and developing a maintainable tagging strategy is challenging for those who are new to it. Here I am introducing an open source project called ReduxBeacon that resolves the challenge with GTM integration for apps using Redux...

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Recipes for Redux

Written by Evan Schultz

As Redux is becoming more popular within the Angular community, it's not always clear how to bridge the gap between working with Redux and how to make it fit naturally with Angular 2. One of the goals with ng2-redux is to provide a developer experience that feels natural with Angular 2 while still benefiting from the existing Redux community: dev tools, middleware, etc. Since last...

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Improving React and Redux performance with Reselect

Written by Neil Fenton

When used together, React and Redux are an awesome combination of technologies that help us structure applications with a true separation of concerns. Even with React being extremely performant out of the box, there comes a time when even higher performance is required. One of the more expensive operations that React can perform is the rendering cycle. When a component detects a change in input,...

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ReactEurope, 2016: The Year of React Native

Written by Douglas Riches

Paris 2016. This year ReactEurope wasn't dampened by the torrential rains that were flooding the Seine river. The mood was one of excitement from both attendees and speakers about the current state and future of the React development ecosystem. This year participants got glimpses into the future of Redux, utilizing Redux middleware to manage analytics, and optimizing performance in React applications. We heard talks on...

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