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Your Agile DevOps Partner

Written by Greg Wilson

Co-written with Darren McElligott. What is DevOps? DevOps is what happens when developers work hand-in-hand with the system administrators and other IT staff who are responsible for getting software into users’ hands and keeping it running. Discussion about it frequently centers on tools, but its core is a set of practices that are best understood as answers to a handful of key questions. Does everyone...

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Are Your Unit Tests Failing for the Expected Reasons?

Written by Evan Schultz

Unit tests can be an invaluable tool in the developers toolbox. You don't need to be a strict TDD purist to make unit testing worthwhile. Once you get into the flow of writing tests, it can be rather satisfying to watch the Nyan Cat Reporter go across your screen as the number of tests passing increase. As with any other tool though, it can be...

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Testing Your Angular 2 Application: Part 2 of 2

Written by Seth Davenport

This post was last updated 03/17/2016. Please refer to our Angular 2 eBook for the most recent updates. In part 1 of this series we defined a QuoteComponent that displays a random quote on a web page. We showed how to use Angular 2's testing utilities to mock out QuoteService and test the QuoteComponent's presentation logic in isolation. In this post, I'll do...

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Testing your Angular 2 Application: Part 1 of 2

Written by Tyler Borchert

This post was last updated 03/11/2016. Please refer to our Angular 2 eBook for the most recent updates. Among the many new and exciting features of Angular 2 comes a robust and completely integrated testing module based off of the Jasmine testing framework. Using angular2/testing makes writing unit tests for Angular 2 components and services a lot easier. In this post, we'll...

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Learn How to Write Angular 2 Style Unit Tests with Angular 1.X Code

Written by Simon Ramsay

The development of Angular 2 is on its way with much talk, hype, and fanfare. Surprisingly, there is not much being said about unit testing. As a responsible developer, you have undoubtedly already written a giant unit test suite to achieve ‘near perfect’ code coverage, and I'm here to let you know, there is no need to throw that all away! While Angular 2 is...

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