“Dangerously Close to Release”: What to Expect in Angular 6 and Beyond

Written by Ehsan Motamedi

Having recently attended ng-conf 2018, where the Angular core team announced that Angular 6 is “dangerously close to release,” I wanted to write about the exciting features we can expect. Angular Elements There has been lots of chatter about Angular Elements since Rob Wormald spoke at Angular Connect last November. There will finally be a fully supported Angular Elements version in Angular 6. Angular Elements...

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Redux Form Validation with ngrx-forms

Written by David Barreto

This blog was originally posted on the ng-conf website. Many enterprise applications use complex forms with even more complex validation rules. Out of the box, Angular offers a solution to handle forms including its validation. But even though the solution is feature rich, it can't cover every possible use case. What if we want to count how many fields are invalid in any given section...

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