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The 3 eCommerce Trends that Will Make or Break You in 2018

Written by Ditmar Haist

Oh, it’s that time of the year again. As the temperature drops and turkeys sell out in celebration of Thanksgiving, retailers all over North America are getting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the holiday (and made up holiday) that serve as perfect case studies for the unstoppable shift towards online shopping. Although Black Friday infamously brings to mind images of people stampeding...

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Scrum Master, Wearer of Many Hats

Written by Rangle.io

The Scrum Master (SM), in the Scrum process, requires individuals to wear many hats and perform well in varied situations. Although the roles of facilitator and team coach often come to mind when thinking of the SM, this crucial role goes beyond “removing impediments” and providing moral support to the rest of team. Below, I’ll break down some of the areas that the SM...

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How Do the BQAs at Rangle Fit Into a Scrum Team?

Written by Arti Singh

At Rangle, we realize that while we try to maintain the team-first approach to quality as defined in the Scrum Guide, there are just some things that our Business Quality Analysts (BQAs) are better at. The role of the BQA on a development team at Rangle is not as a tester as in other organizations, as my colleague Eric has already alluded to in his...

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