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The 3 eCommerce Trends that Will Make or Break You in 2018

Written by Ditmar Haist

Oh, it’s that time of the year again. As the temperature drops and turkeys sell out in celebration of Thanksgiving, retailers all over North America are getting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the holiday (and made up holiday) that serve as perfect case studies for the unstoppable shift towards online shopping. Although Black Friday infamously brings to mind images of people stampeding...

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Building Customer Trust Through Security

Written by David van Rees

How Building the Right Way Ensures Customer Trust Remains High In 2017, reading news reports about online security breaches has become commonplace. In the United States alone, there was a 40% increase in security breaches in 2016 vs 2015[1] and since 2013 hackers have stolen over 7 billion customer records.[1:1] Understanding the impacts of security and how it impacts both organizations and...

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Is your eCommerce Platform Optimized to Drive Revenue?

Written by Megan Wheeler

A common dilemma for leaders with eCommerce platforms across industries is recognizing when their online shopping platform’s functionality is falling behind – or when the cost of keeping up is wasting valuable money and resources. You need to improve your platform if your current service is: Losing customers While there are many reasons why an online shopper might change their mind at checkout time, your...

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