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ng-conf 2016: A Coherent Stack for the Long Term

Written by Seth Davenport

Once again, Rangle was a Platinum sponsor of ng-conf in Salt Lake City, and this year made an even bigger impact than the last two years we've sponsored. Rangle's CEO Nick van Weerdenburg led a contingent of 23 Ranglers to the conference to learn about the future of the platform and even present some material on decorators and our new official Angular 2 developer tool...

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A Call for Confidence: My thoughts on International Women's Day Inspired by #IWDTO

Written by Avery Francis

Rangle's Sr. Talent Manager, Avery Francis, had the opportunity to spend the evening surrounded by brilliant women and men as they listened to thought leaders in the industry challenging the conversations, perceptions and stereotypes around women in tech. Below are her thoughts about the event. I have attended a lot of technology focused events in the past and I can say that it was refreshing...

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Meet Rangle's Women in Software Guild! A Dispatch from UofT Hacks

Written by Emily Porta

A few weeks ago Rangle had the privilege of being the first official Women in Software Sponsor for UofT Hacks, a student-run hackathon with over 500 participants chosen from thousands of applicants. The event was a huge success, with Rangle participating in the career fair, as mentors for the students, gathering feedback from students on their experience in the industry so far, and holding an...

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250 Developers Participated in the ‘Break Poverty’ Hackathon and Discussed Opportunities for New Platforms

Written by Amanda Connon-Unda

Danielle Thé at the 'Break Poverty' Hackathon. Photo by Jessie Lau. Last month 300 developers, volunteers and mentors worked tirelessly for 48 hours during a rainy weekend to create solutions for mobile applications, with the winning app to be implemented in rural Kenya by Free the Children. While developers in Nairobi worked at iHub - an innovation hub for technologists - participants worked along with...

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