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Getting Started With Ionic 2

Written by Abdella Ali

Introduction The web developer's ecosystem has shifted dramatically over the last few years, and this has created opportunities for new approaches to mobile development. The Ionic framework from Drifty Co is a great example of this. Ionic came late into the hybrid-mobile-app development game, but it almost immediately found it’s place as a leader in the industry and is now almost synonymous with mobile...

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What's Next? The Mobile Ecosystem and What You Need to Know

Written by Nick Van Weerdenburg

PhoneGapDay 2016 happened in Salt Lake City last week and it was great to see how the mobile ecosystem is evolving. For me, it was a perfect start to 2016 and offered an opportunity to ponder 2015's many innovations (such as Angular 2, Ionic 2, Native Script, and React Native) and what that means for mobile app development. 2015 Recap 2015 was an interesting year...

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