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How Note Taking Builds Better Teams & Products

Written by Mike Costanzo

In this post, our Lead UX Designer Mike shares the one little addition to your design process that can really change the answer to the question “So, what do you do?” If you design software applications, what do you say to people when they ask what you do for a living? I usually say something like “I design apps. Like phone apps and web apps”...

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Lean UX and Our Real-time Fusion of Design and Development

Written by Nick Van Weerdenburg

No contractors. Face-to-face teams in the same office. Integrated design and development. Frequent delivery. Validated UX. The application becomes the core design element. This is how we roll at rangle.io, with an intense real-time fusion of design and development. We haven't been talking about it enough, and I'm embarrassed to admit we've been under-representing our amazing design team on our website... something that we...

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