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Real-World JavaScript: Rangle.io's Standard Tech Stack

Written by Seth Davenport

JavaScript is evolving rapidly, with new approaches to application development appearing almost on a monthly basis. As a training firm, one of the services we provide is staying on top of these changes and advising our clients on contemporary thinking. On the other hand, as a consultancy, we also need to start up new projects frequently and quickly, balancing up-to-date technology with production-level expertise. This...

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How Note Taking Builds Better Teams & Products

Written by Mike Costanzo

In this post, our Lead UX Designer Mike shares the one little addition to your design process that can really change the answer to the question “So, what do you do?” If you design software applications, what do you say to people when they ask what you do for a living? I usually say something like “I design apps. Like phone apps and web apps”...

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The Rationale for Rangle.io's Development Guidelines

Written by Yuri Takhteyev

We recently released our JavaScript Development Guidelines. This post explains how and why we developed them. Why Have Guidelines? When Rangle.io was smaller, we found it easy to synchronize our approaches and identify best practices simply by gathering in front of a whiteboard when a disagreement arose. As the company grew, it became important to have a more robust approach to ensure that everyone...

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